General English/IELTS

English courses

Prestige Education Centre provides the General (Adult) English courses in wide range of all levels. At each stage of the training students learn the materials corresponding to their level. The courses focus not only on grammar, but also on practical language development and advancement in reading, listening and speaking skills.  Each level lasts for 3 months, with strict assessment to pass to the next level.  

ELEMENTARY – for those who understand simple sentences, have elementary vocabulary or studied English before but most is forgotten

PRE-INTERMEDIATE – for those who speak basic English and can produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest

INTERMEDIATE – for those who have satisfactory grammar and language fundamentals and can communicate fairly well in wide range of topics

UPPER-INTERMEDIATE – for those who understand main idea in complex text, produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects, and make regular interaction with native speakers. 

IELTS Full Course

The course lasts for 4 months and captures all aspects of IELTS test. Lessons are based on learning the strategies and techniques of the test as well as lots of practice. Designed for those who has at least good intermediate English level or got minimum of 5 IELTS score.

English for Adults (Pre-Intermediate) course for migrant/refugee women supported by the PIF Women Platform

Overview: Language is the crucial element to overcome barriers to cohesion with a foreign society and environment. With recent dramatic increase of migrant force in New Zealand, necessity of language learning has become one of the most important issues. Most of the migrants/refugee are coming to New Zealand particularly from countries where English is not spoken as a first language. Unfortunately, especially female migrants/refugee in New Zealand find it hard to integrate to its society, mainly due to the language problems.  Therefore, they are more inclined to stay at home or interact only with the people from their own community, who speak their native language. Children, whose mothers do not speak English, usually face more difficulties adapting to the new environment at their schools or communicating with their peers. English for Adults course, supported by PIF Women Platform, will enable women to have additional access to the language education, helping them settle into communities and work.

Course Students: Migrant and refugee women, who need support with English and are willing to study the language. The number of students is limited to 10 and the enrolment will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Course Description: English for Adults Pre-Intermediate course in English intended to provide students with the fundamentals of the language and a foundation for advancing through the four required levels of English proficiency. It is a 12-week module with 6 hours of instruction each week.

Course Prerequisite: basic level of English which corresponds to an elementary proficiency level.

Course Goals:

  1. Understand simple texts and a range of high frequency vocabulary in context
  2. Describe aspects of personal and everyday life in both oral and written form
  3. Produce short and simple connected texts on familiar topics
  4. Demonstrate some control of essential grammatical structures

Course materials: All course materials are provided for free, including New Headway Pre-Intermediate (by Soars, John and Liz; 2011) Student book, Workbook, CDs and practice tests.

Course Length and Dates:  6 hours of class time each week, three days a week in 2-hour sessions. In this way, students will have enough time to complete their homework and revise topic-related vocabulary. The duration is 12 weeks between August 14 – October 3.

Course Outline: This is an integrated skills course with each unit divided into grammar, vocabulary, skills work and everyday English segments. Where necessary, there will be additional speaking sections and English debate practices with native speakers. The course is also a great opportunity to meet other people, share with them common interests and develop strong community affairs.

Continuous Assessment: A variety of portfolio assignments that cover the following:

  • Extended writing tasks
  • Workbook & home assignments
  • Grammar & vocabulary quizzes
  • Reading comprehension tasks
  • Weekly reflections
  • Progress tests