Our Approach

What makes Prestige Education’s Tutoring Service different?

 A. The Mentoring-Based Approach to Tutoring

We believe that using this method makes Prestige Education’s Tutoring Service different from other services. We also believe that academic success goes hand in hand with the relationship between student and tutor and this is why we believe in a mentoring-based approach to tutoring.

We strongly value education and learning capability and are dedicated to practice these values. Prestige Education’s Tutoring Service was initiated in light of the Care and Compassion concept. Maximising efficiency is what we seek as teachers and students. Respect is highly valued among students. Understanding and tolerance is our driving motive that allows us to create a diverse student profile.

It is not only a valuable educational experience but also;

  • A great opportunity for our children to socialise with other children and make friends from diverse background.
  • Challenge our children to aim high and work together to meet their potential.
  • To give supplementary courses and provide homework assistance, tutoring and subject reviews in Numeracy to improve the achievement of students.
  • Learning in small groups

 B. Enrichment Class

 Prestige Education’s Tutoring Service may also offer range of academic learning opportunities to high-achieving, gifted, and talented students. Students in this class are expected to work at a higher curriculum level, complete work on time and take part in a range of Math Competitions during the year.

The aim of this programme is to enrich the students’ experience of mathematics wherever is possible.  This enrichment class provides extra challenge along with the regular math curriculum.  Inclusion in this class is a privilege that is earned. In order to keep the standards of this program at their highest level, students will be expected to maintain good level of achievement in this class.

C. Assessing the need

After TIMSS (Trans in International Mathematics and Science Study) results are announced MoE Minister Hekia Parata stated “We have many children who luck basic skills and knowledge, particularly in mathematics and science, compared to children of similar age in other countries.” The findings of other studies also support the importance of learning in mathematics and science at our schools. Therefore giving extra help to students in mathematics is beneficial to empower them to be successful in our schools and society.